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I just wanted to let you know I finished my 3 day juice cleanse. I really enjoyed it and feel fantastic today!  Thanks again!
Julia S, Nanaimo

Day 3 of 3.  This is my first ever cleanse.  I just want to say that you made it so easy.  No hunger.  Easy. Tasty.  Thank you

Lisa K, Port Alberni

The Wellness Shots are simply sublime!  I wish I lived in Nanaimo and could grab them at will!!

Karen S, Campbell River

This smoothie (King Kong) had be swinging through trees and beating my chest… not a pretty sight for everyone else as i did that but the name and incredible taste just made me go ape wild.

Sandie B, Nanaimo

Omg I just wanted to tell you guys WOW some of these new juices I tried are amazing absolutely LOVE ooh la latte,mylk chocolate and Lady Luxe yum!!!

Heather S, Nanaimo

I never though I’d like a juice coloured green! Now I love it!

Alia A

Omg im so excited about this company! I never have time to eat during the day so i find this a great way to get my nutrients, Ive been looking for a product like this for years, let someone else buy the food, make the mess, clean the juicer and all i have to do is buy the finished product

Kerri F

Love this company! Great People making a Great product.

Graham B

Love this product. So happy you are here in Nanaimo. Great juice, great service!

Heather G, Nanaimo

Amazing juice! Hit the spot and very refreshing! Saw a sign at Woodgrove mall at Qoolas and had to try it. Had the Supa Greens and highly recommended it!!

Alana B, Nanaimo

Excellent taste and so filling!! Love that even without a blender I can still juice and go!

Krystelle Wakefield

End of our 3 day detox, had we known it would be this delicious and effortless we would have done a week easy!! This will be our go to reset and detox cleanse. Tried several and we’ve always felt rundown, fatigued, lack of energy and most of all hungry. Love love!! Will definitely recommend

Natasha F

Probably the most delicious juices I have ever had ~ and they are packed with the best of the best for you!!

Kerianne M

On Day 2 of my 3 day cleanse and am in love with these juices. I also love the tip about if you are working out to add protein powder to your morning and afternoon juice to ensure you are getting enough protein – I just added vanilla protein powder to “The Sweet Life” juice and some ice and it has to be one of the best protein shakes I have ever had – delicious!!

Simone C

Most helpful staff on planet earth! Great company!

Jesse H

Props to the Good Life peeps for letting me change my pickup/delivery arrangements 42 times without giving me any sass! Also, for letting me select a total pain the butt custom cleanse of 10 different juices so I could try their new flavours while loading up on my old favourites. Gracias!

Kylee P, Nanaimo

We are officially finished our 3 day Good Life Juice cleanse! I have to say that both my husband and I completed it without any difficulties ! These juices taste good and keep you full . Neither of us went hungry or ended up grumpy .We lost a few pounds and are feeling pretty good . We gained clarity in our minds and had good sleeps . We are going to continue to follow the suggestions of the company and slow back into solid foods ( nothing better than a good bowl of soup!) it’s been a great kick start to a healthier cleaner lifestyle !!! I highly recommend doing the 3 day Good Life Juice cleanse. Thank you for all your help! Your juice is amazing and makes me feel amazing!

Tammy L

Love good life juice, the veggie juices have till now always been my favs. That said, I have a new favourite, Ooh La Latte. If you’re a coffee lover like myself, you must try it!

Kristina C, Nanaimo

Yes, #goodlifejuice is thirst quenchingly fresh, is intelligently and thoughtfully packed with the best healthy fruits, roots and veggies, is (surprisingly? *with so many greens!) damn delicious … but part of the reason I believe I always feel so uplifted, energized and refreshed after downing a bottle is because I know it is made with love, care and a joy! Andrea Dershin, the light you shine on the world amazes me beyond words and I’m waiting for the day you bottle up your pazazz, spunk and flair (oh and that smile!) cause I’ll be the first in line to order a barrel! Love you to pieces!Oh and grapefruit?!! #iminlove

Kristen B

Thank you so much for the delicious juices I have been flourishing on over the past week.  I feel great and have lost 14 pounds!  I am recommending the experience to friends and colleagues.

Eve, Victoria

Thank you for all your help! Your juice is amazing and makes me feel amazing!

Amanda B, Nanaimo

 I recently did a 10 day juice cleanse with your delicious juices and honestly have never felt more amazing. I had so much energy, I could hardly stand myself! LOL I slept better, I woke with energy and stayed strong all day. I especially noticed a bit of a surge around 2 pm, which was awesome! I am planning on doing an even more extended juice cleanse in the new year and can’t wait to get started! Your juice and your staff are all so wonderful and helpful and pleasant!

Gail, Nanaimo

IT WAS SOOO EASY!  Delicious . . . AND SO PROFESSIONAL!  I eagerly unloaded my eighteen bottles and lined them up according to the instructions and woke up the next day ready to Feast.  The variety of juices is far superior to whatever I would have made for myself. They were easy to take to work and so interestingly delicious.  Combinations I would not have made for myself.  The three days just flew by with no hunger – three days is easy peasy and now here I am all done for this Spring – three pounds down and in all honesty I am looking forward
to doing another quickie three dayer again a little later just before summer, maybe sooner.

Tara, Coombs

I pick up a 6 pack of juices once or twice a week and love them, Crave U and All U Need are my faves. I’m sure I’ll do the full cleanse one day but for now am drinking one or two during my busy work days to keep my energy up, with healthy meals at home. I feel like something is missing on days I don’t have a juice now! Love Love Love

Lilybelle L

Amazing company and cleanse… 5 stars all the way!! My favourite is All You Need… Or Creamy Cashew… Or Master Cleanse… Or Sweet Life… Oh geez, just try them all!!!

Britney E

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for taking great care of me during this cleanse.  I have been doing juice cleanses regularly since 1999.  I started making the juices myself, but then found that too time-consuming to do regularly.  About five years ago, I started purchasing my juices from Blue Print (New York), Total Cleanse (Toronto) or The Juice Cleanse (Vancouver).  None of these providers could consistently get the juices to Campbell River in time, and I spent many times preparing for cleanses that didn’t arrive, or pouring out juice that had perished in transit.  I also found The Juice Truck Cleanse products too sweet.  I was in despair recently about yet another failed delivery when my husband found your company on the internet.  I had no idea there was a juice-cleanse provider in my area, who could provide me juices without a horrible exchange rate or exorbitant delivery charges!  For half the cost, you delivered AMAZING juices to my door, ON TIME, fresh and cold.  That has never happened in my experience and I am absolutely thrilled by your product and service!
I am in love with your company and will return to your products to keep up my cleansing practice.  I am so excited to have found your juices.  Your cashew milk is the best I’ve ever tasted, and your vegetable juices taste as if I’ve made them myself.  I am really enjoying this cleansing experience and wanted to share my joy with you. Very much appreciated!

Karen, Campbell River

I am currently on day 4 of my Bliss Trip with Good Life Cleanse. Not only am I feeling so clear and energized, the inflammation in my hands from arthritis is almost completely gone and those that know my hand are almost in as much shock as I am. I have also exercised every day with enough energy to keep me going. Thank you Andrea! You make my life so much easier for my cleansing needs.

Kiyomi Schulz,  Nanaimo

I am feeling so much better drinking your juices throughout my busy work day. They are absolutely delicious!

Riley V

Juice is amazing. It’s nice having a local company that cares and has amazing customer service. I will definitely be buying from you again!

Kat T

The cleanse was amazing! I think I could’ve ran 2 marathons! I’m definitely going to be doing another one! Thank you!

Amy, Calgary

Thank you ever so much for making such superior and amazingly brilliant juices. I had so much energy at the gym yesterday! I have lost weight, and know that this is the most wonderful springboard for continuing a healthier life style.

Sandie Bissessur.

I really really enjoyed the Juice Till Dinner. I felt amazing, hydrated, light, and more clear headed than I had in weeks. I’m kind of hooked now, I’ve been visiting Lifestyles Market every few days so I can start my morning with one of your juices. I’ve found that one in the morning starts my day off with a rush, and makes me crave more raw food and water throughout the day!

Alana K, Victoria

Loved my juices!!!  I woke up this morning and feel amazing! I love cleansing because it gives me so much mental clarity and allows me to refocus on healthy eating and living.

Stacy Morgan

Thank you so much for your delivery and your professionalism.
I’ll have nothing to say but great stuff about your service.
Thanks.   Stacy 🙂

The day my husband and I brought our second son home from the hospital, Andrea delivered 18 juices to our doorstep. During those first sleepless nights as parents of two little ones, Ryan and I were so fortunate to have these incredible, nutrient-dense juices on hand to complement the supply of nutritious meals that we’d prepared in advance. The fact that we have felt healthy and energized at the beginning of this new chapter in our lives is a testament to the power of plant-based food. Thank you, Andrea and Gaby, for providing us with this amazing fuel!

Alison Malone Eathorne

Happy to have found the Good Life! As a baby boomer approaching 60,  I would like to thank you for showing me that “taking my medicine” doesn’t have to taste bad. The Juices taste delicious, but just as important for me was what I have learned from the information on your site. Yes, I have watched the movies and read the books and to be honest it has changed the way I fuel my body. With a 2nd  Good Life cleanse  under my belt and now 9 months as a vegetarian, I am seeing a lot more juice in my future.

Rick Gabel

Just finished my first cleanse ever.  I thought I’d be hungry and have no energy, as my usual diet is eggs, sandwiches and huge pasta dinners.  But the juices filled me up and my energy levels were great.  An unexpected side affect was that now, a few days later, I’m not craving those huge meals.  After you order they send you a bunch of info on what is good and what is bad to eat leading up to the cleanse, that really helped me prepare.

Ryan – 35 – Vancouver


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